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Ideas towards Architecture


Architecture is what makes humanity better. Fine Architecture practice can make a difference in better people thus better living. Human behaviour is always  reflecting space circumstances. 

Respect towards different personality

We design spaces with a basic notion: respect of the human need or desire towards beauty and quality of living. Taking into consideration the human desire Our clients special character and uniqueness makes every design product a "one of a kind" piece. The client/ inhabitant is encouraged and engaged into the design process and enjoys the procedure of architectural practice. We aim to educate people not only into architecture but also into aesthetics, logic and efficiency.

Expensive and Cheap

Quality design has nothing to do with budget. It has to do with forms and functions - possibilities of customs and ethics. Sensible, modest, smart and practical ideas are combined into architecture taking into consideration everyone's possibilities of budget. Our practices are of the same importance no matter the level of budget. Design process is applied for the finest architectural result in any circumstance. 

Sustainability into design

Environmental change is affecting architecture - we engage the needs of sustainability into architectural concept ideas. Location, orientation and special climate characteristics affect our decision ideas upon design.

Contemporary living

Through our projects we celebrate new technologies, new materials and ideas for a fine contemporary result in architecture. We experiment into new architectural expressions through all the new technology knowledge concerning construction. Our clients' customs reflect architectural ideas. Modern habits are encouraged into design in a variety of ways according to program. 

Contemporary markets - public or private development

Architecture is a political action if applied in a greater scale. As a market product has to be forthcoming and successful  according to whom it refers to. We make sure that our clients (public or private development sectors) acquire advanced architectural products concerning urban development projects, big scale complexes, social spaces etc.  Built environments of greater scale that we design propose  possibilities for social, cultural and economic development. 

Built Spaces - Instances of multiple disciplines

Architecture is fascinating because it is restless. Design process can be limitless, and basically never ends. The architectural product (build space) is only an instance of a continuous "synthesis" of several elements  - program, location, environment, place, culture, function, technology, materiality, aesthetics, forms and imagination. 



Karagiorgi Architects was established in 2014 in Paphos, Cyprus

Our practices expand from small scale to large architectural projects in Cyprus and abroad. We engage a wide range of practice for both private and public sector such as residential, cultural, public space, education, special use, private housing projects, offices, public spaces, private development projects, architectural competitions,  e.t.c We also provide interior, landscape, interior and object designs complement to architecture consulting and practice.

We provide all the necessary services - architectural idea - scratch design -permit applications - construction details and construction supervision for our projects. During this procedure, our teem is always near the clients managing every detail of the project. Realisation and completion brings joy and satisfaction when the users are happy. 


Founder Architect - Christiana Karagiorgi 

Christiana Karagiorgi is the founder Architect of Karagiorgi Architects, a contemporary architectural firm in Paphos/ Cyprus, since 2014. She holds a degree of Master of Science in Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens  - NTUA (1996 - 2002) and of Master of Arts in Digital Forms of Arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts - ASFA,  having taken the IKY Scholarship in both studies.

She participated in several architectural and artistic Events in Greece with some of her mixed media projects. (Video Art /multimedia projects).

She participated in several Architectural Competitions in Greece, Cyprus and αbroad.

From 2007 to 2010 she worked at Kokkinou+Kourkoulas Architecture Studio in Athens, collaborating with her former professors and academics Andreas Kourkoulas and John Peponis.

She returned to her hometown Paphos  in 2010 where she now lives and works.

Her studies in Architecture, Aesthetics and Theory of Design as well as her wide academic view in Arts and Contemporary Culture, combined with her experience in detail design and construction, compliment a dynamic - multidisciplinary approach towards Architectural practice.


2018/ Member of the district Aesthetic Control Committee

2006/ Member of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus

2006/ Member of Sadas-Pea

2006/ Member of Cyprus Architects Association

2005/ Member of Technical Chamber of Greece

Collaborative Architects

Young architects with which we collaborate in specific projects such as Competitions or private large scale projects. 

Rafaella Papalla

Valentina Kontakki

Andri Rousounidou

Constantinos Economou

Emilio Koutsoftides

Andreas Savva

Pieris Ioannou

Collaborative Consultants​

Structural - mechanical - electrical engineers as well as quantity surveyors - geologists, landscape architects, or other consultants.

Andreas Nikolaou (structural engineer)

Michalis Stavrou  (structural engineer)

Kleopas Papanikolaou  (structural engineer)

George Giannikos  (structural engineer)

Andreas Theodotou  (structural engineer)

Valentinos Fakontis  (structural engineer)

Michalis Mourouzides (mechanical engineer)

Charalampos Kantas  (mechanical engineer)

Nikos Nikolaou  (electrical engineer)

Andreas Papadamianou (electrical engineer)

Andreas Nikolaou (electrical engineer)

Andreas Siathas (geologist)

Stelios Stylianou (geologist)

Nikolas Onisiforou (quantity surveyor)

Michalis Kyriakides (quantity surveyor)

Collaborative Architecture Photographers

Maria Efthymiou - Creative Photo Room

Philip Soteriou - iivii interior

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