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AC House

Client: Private

Area 195 m2

Location: Paphos

Study 2017- 2018

Status: Under Construction

| Mediterranean openness |


The project's site is a big flat former agricultural plot near the sea.

The projects idea was to create the perfect possibilities of indoor - outdoor living based on the old traditional Cypriot/ Mediterranean way. The building is shaped by simple forms as found in village houses in the countryside.


The program is developed on ground floor level as per request.

The spaces are formed around an open atrium - a central yard which is linked to all common spaces of the house. A clear white volume is thus intercut by open spaces - covered or uncovered while freestanding concrete walls separate different theme yards - suggesting private or semi private or common exterior areas in relation to the adjacent functions.


A roof settlement of a minimum closed space gives the opportunity of an isolated roof garden - opened towards the sea view.

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