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Giolou House

Client : Private

Area: 180m2

Location : Giolou/Paphos

Study 2017

Πελάτης : Ιδιώτης

Συνολική Επιφάνεια : 500τμ

Τοποθεσία : Πάφος / Κύπρος

Μελέτη : 2014 - 2016

Κατασκευή : 2018

| Life around an Olive Tree |


The project's site is located on an inclined plot in Giolou village - looking towards the west openings of Papho's forests. The main idea of the design was to organise functions around an existing extraordinary old olive tree. 


The olive tree is part of the house as the common spaces are opening through the east and west suggesting an infinite nature throughout the house.


The building's shape is simple combining local materials of stone cladding combined with plaster and concrete surfaces. 


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