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K House

Client: Private

Area 170 m2

Location: Paphos Center

Study: 2015

In the Paphos "pervolia" - a central area close to the  city  centre -  an 60s house is needed to be fully rehabilitated with an extra addition to its former program. 

The clients needed a contemporary house of an 170sqm whereas the existing ground floor building was considerably smaller.


The idea was to design a completely new 1st floor above the existing in sych a way that it would not suppress the former old construction. A light metal structure was used in a completely separated foundation on the periphery of the existing together with reinforcement of the former construction in terms of structural elements.

Inetrnal walls were totally removed and replaced with a new interior schema.


The added volume  is a solid cube with wide openings to the southeast. The metal structural beams that support it are left bare on the elevations.

Part of the existing on ground floor level is transformed to a closed parking space. The back yard came to a higher level in order to achieve a well relationship with the common spaces on the existing ground floor. 


The result is a transformation of an abandoned structure into a small scale urban house that provides all the necessary facilities of a contemporary lifestyle.

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