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Maizonette House

Client: Private 
Area 250 m2
Location: Kouklia - Paphos
Study: 2018 



| Maisonette Building |


The real estate product of tree maisonettes situated in a small /half/ plot in Kouklia village was the assignment of the client/ developer. 


The main idea was to overcome the standard image of a serial placement of the two story minimum residences and come up with different aesthetics and form of a unified structure of a single volume maisonette building. 


The 3 residences are developed in a way that every one of them has certain advantages. 

The most essential necessity is the yard and its correspondence to interior common spaces - as life in the countryside can be found outside.


Other necessities taken in mind were light and natural ventilation of all spaces. 


The design is formed into a white unified volume which follows the plot shape with big openings and shading louvres, covered exterior spaces and a surrounding landscape 

which is precious as such as a minimum quantity of exterior living space. 

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