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Minimum housing unit

Client: Private

Area 60 m2

Location: Tsada / Paphos

Study: 2013

The main objective  was creating a housing unit, that can work as an integrity, as well as a part of a bigger complex. The modular structure of a single building is very flexible, so it gives numerous variations on composition. It keeps balance between open and private space on 80 m2 .

Minimum housing unit is a conceptual project of a repetitive, modular structure. It can function as a stand alone house as well as a part of a whole complex.
A single module consists of two cubes linked by a comfortable staircase which makes a transition between private and representative part. The area between two „boxes” does not go to waste . It serves as an internal yard, that can be both used as an intermediate space - to barbecue with friends or to take out a sun-bed and relax reading your favourite book.

The unit’s programme consists of a small bathroom and cozy bedroom linked by a staircase with representative complex of kitchen and living room.
What enhances the division of two areas is a change of levels – the second cube is a half of a module lower than the first one. In order not to lose the continuity of spaces, huge openings were applied to the walls surrounding the internal yard. They also allow the greenery to penetrate the interiors. Furthermore, they are gathered on one side only, what helps to keep privacy.

The living area and kitchen work as a unity – to maintain its functional and also saved space. Natural light comes inside from two sides – the window facing the yard and by a huge opening facing the garden -which gives the whole room the feeling of relaxation and tranquility, making it a perfect place to rest. 

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