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Oval Offices | Interior Design | Private Architectural  Competition 

Client: Private Frim

Area: 400sqm

Location: Limassol

Study: 2019

| Εlegant minimalism |


The concept idea is to produce a clear canvas of space separations which contrasts to the building’s exterior curved - oval shape. The canvas elements are all transparent with a refined metal structure that looks like suspending in an open space. In this way the offices’ spaces give an impression of a unified area.


The partitions are made of “smart” glass which can be semi -transparent (opaque) when necessary. Some closed spaces for secondary uses as well as the existing rectangular structures of the main staircase/ lift etc are shown as wooden clear volumes in between transparent elements.


The impression is one of a pure and elegant open space that contrast with solid island boxes which are “flowing” into the openness of the void space.


Lighting structures in a similar crossover canvass pattern, implicate the orthographic forms of the structures and create a unified perspective on the ceiling.


Furthermore, the lobby, reception and fireplace lounge are designed to give the sense of luxury and the prestigious profile of the company.


The aesthetic result is an elegant, and smart environment in which the visitor or employee encounters a dynamic perception of space in a minimalistic and modern essence.


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Team: Constantinos Economou | Emilio Koutsoftides

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